Wednesday, 24 March 2010

My Final collection

My final collection was originally based on Surrealism, looking into Dali's work i noticed he payed great attention to detail and hiding things throughout his work, mainly sexual images and bugs, such as ants and crickets. I researched into designer Elsa Schiaparelli, as she was a main fashion influence of the Surrealist era.
My final collection was then focused on women's wear with a 1930's influence. After looking into insects my main focus concentrated on beetles. I am creating 5 evening wear dresses, each based on a different beetle, keeping a very sophisticated look the shape of the dresses represents how beetles appear as a slim line shell until in motion, when they open up and the wings are produced.
The fabric used is mainly pure silks and and embroidered sequin lace. All sourced from Barry's Fabric Superstore in Birmingham.
Today i have almost finished my first dress of the collection, it still needs the finishing touches, such as hems. Each dress will also have hand made beetle brooches which will be pinned onto the final collection and moved about to create the desired effect. i have a critique on friday with my tutors, who tend to disagree with everything i do and say, so wish me luck!

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