Wednesday, 24 March 2010

A bit about Jo!

So this is my first blog. I used to think that blogging was simply for 14 years olds that had nothing better to do with their lives but post emo blogs online about their hatred towards the world, however, as the world has grown older I have realised that blogs are actually rather handy.

At the moment my life simply consists of a few things, Uni, Work, mates, boyfriend and family. Simple you may think, however trying to get a successful degree, with only a few weeks left to complete it and juggle, my job with boyfriends, mates and family is bloody hard work.

My normal week day consists of me struggling to wake up in my bomb site of a room, after several phone calls off my mother, (who lives back in my home town sutton coldfield and I live with housemates in Lincoln) demanding that I get my lazy arse out of bed and go to uni, because the teachers already disagree with me in general and showing up late, or not at all doesn't really help my situation. After dragging myself out of bed and getting ready I set out for the longest 10 minute walk ever at 8.45am! I get to uni awaiting the teachers to show up for our 9am lesson, of which they show up 45 minutes late, take the register and if i'm in the sewing room, they have the cheek to say I was late, so I simply tell them they are wrong, for them to reply, "hmmmm, well." lets just say the tutors and I sometimes have a clash of opinions. I then slave away at uni, every now and then wasting half an hour getting a cup of tea, to get back home around 5pm. Often around 6pm or 7pm I then have to do a 6 hour shift in a student pub. I'm not complaining tho I love my job to pieces. We often end up going out after work so i will get home around 4/5ish am then start my day again!

The main reason I have started these blogs is to keep a diary of my last few weeks at uni and my struggle to find a job in real world at the age of 20! id much rather just work in a pub and keep going out and having fun with my mates, but apparently that wont pay the bills, so I guess I should probably crack on with the work and see how it goes!

Oh and a cheeky note as to why I have such a long surname, I'm half Greek, and I am very proud of my surname as we are the only family in world to have it, so any Tsouvallaris's out there are realated to me in some way or another.

for my less serious side i'm also on facebook - Jo Tsouvallaris, and Twitter - Jo Tsouvallaris

mucho loves xxx

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