Monday, 31 May 2010

... Last few days in Lincoln

So i have finished my degree and am on the hunt for jobs! anyone want to give me one that would be amazing! I have decided to do as many things amazing as i can in Lincoln that i haven't done before, or need to repeat because i should have done them more often! The list so far consists of
* going around the cathedral,
* going around Lincoln castle,
* shopping trip to Matalan - just for fun really,
* go back to the cheese society - because it's amazing!!
* see as many people as I can before i never get to see them again.

I only have one more shift in my amazing pub job at ... The Shed... devoted Shedling for 2 ears and now i'm being thrown into the real world of business. I'm thinking of going for a tv presenter job! I don't see why not i'm loud and confident enough to make a fool out of myself on TV lol!

I will be bidding goodbye to my amazing house mates, we've lived together for 2 years now and i will miss everyone of them! All of my amazing fashion friends are going off in the the world of fashion and i wish them all the luck in the world. And as for all my other wonderful uni friends i will miss you ridiculous amounts. I can't wait till Gradutation and Grad ball to see everyone again!!

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